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Professional trampoline – example of standard disposition 5+5

Since 1980 we have been manufacturing trampolines for recreational and sports use in playgrounds, amusement parks, summer camps and for entertainment at beaches, swimming pools, campsites, holiday farms and play centers, as well as high performance trampolines for private use, demonstrating the great success of our “Jumping” trampolines used by both children and adults.

Our trampoline structures are renowned for their safety, long life, aesthetics and attention to manufacturing details.

They are professional structures, painted and decorated on request by the customer and thus customized: they have passed all the safety tests in Europe, UNI EN 1176:2019 and UNI EN 1177:2019.

The trampolines are supplied with original “Jumping” mats, made of 3,960 m of hard-wearing nylon ply cord with a diameter of 2 mm, entirely hand-woven on a special frame. This system guarantees a ten-year outdoor durability and high performance jumping thanks to the 108 galvanized springs each 28 cm in length, all fully stretched around the entire perimeter. Solutions that allow you to jump with extreme ease in a balanced way and without scratches as there are no knots. See more details on the Trampoline Parts page.

In conclusion: less effort to jump, less chance of accidents due to fatigue. Our trampolines are large, so they can be used by everyone and with no weight limit.

The size of the standard trampoline mat is 436 x 192 cm.

On demand, we can apply on our frames smaller or larger mats, such as those for sports use (426 x 213 cm). In all cases our trampoline mats are equipped with a polished stainless steel hook for an easy and fast spring connection.

Industrie Ricreative guarantees a trampoline mat’s average useful life of 8-10 years.

The new protective cushions are sealed so as to avoid water seepage issues and the joints are perfectly tight, without space in-between.

More details on the “Spare parts for trampolines” section.

That’s why our modular trampolines are so appreciated: they are a guarantee of success and good business! We can say without a doubt that we have reached the best quality/duration/price ratio on the market.


Mt. 5.52 x 11.71
Mt. 4.65 x 8.25
Mt. 8.20 x 11.71
Mt. 6.90 x 8.25
Mt. 10.88 x 11.71
Mt. 9.15 x 8.25
Mt. 13.56 x 11.71
Mt. 11.35 x 8.25
Mt. 8.20 x 6.51
Mt. 6.85 x 4.60
Mt. 10.88 x 6.51
Mt. 9.10 x 4.60
Mt. 13.56 x 6.51
Mt. 11.30 x 4.60
Mt. 16.24 x 6.51
Mt. 13.60 x 4.60

Example of “Standard” disposition

4-places trampoline standard model

Example of “In-a-row” disposition

4-places trampoline rowmodel

Professional trampolines – blue colour:

Professional trampolines – green colour: