So many balls (18,000!), so much fun!

Manufacturing an supply of ball bit for kids

Ball pit – inside view


The ball pit is an irresistible game. Children can do everything: they jump, swim, dive, throw balls and chase each other on the perimeter cushions! Fun and joy at all hours, because the Ball pit is also equipped with a ceiling light for evening lighting. Safe is guaranteed thanks to the balls bag stretched and suspended from the ground, to the elasticity of the perimeter protection mesh supported by 16 springs placed on the corners and to comfortable cushions placed around the equipment.

The two-tone PVC roof prevents balls coming out and allows a great brightness inside. On request it can be also equipped with sliding closing sheets to be used on evening or to protect from sunshade or rain.

A large and comfortable ladder with two padded handrails allows safe entry and exit even for the most little ones.

Up to 25 children at the same time can play into our Ball pit. For this reason it should never be lacking in playgrounds, play rooms or as play equipment in shopping centres.

This play equipment is provided with:

  • load-bearing structure with access ladder and handrail in hot-dip galvanized and painted steel;
  • two-tone roof covering in PVC coated poly-Trevira that does not allow balls to come out;
  • perimeter containment mesh in nylon with entrance slot;
  • pit for balls, in perforated thick Trevira with tensioning devices;
  • walk-over cushions that allow children to run and dive into balls;
  • perimeter aesthetic sheets with personalized designs on special mesh panels;
  • ceiling lamp for night lighting;
  • evening, anti-rain or sunshade closing sliding sheets;
  • 18,000 balls in 5 colours, 70 mm diameter, made of fireproof and non-toxic plastic.

Technical features

  • Size: 5.00 x 5.00 x H 3.50 m
  • Weight: 1320 kg
  • Colours and decorations: of your choice
  • Warranty: 24 months