Inflatable water slide manufacturers

Inflatable water slide

The inflatable water slides produced by us for swimming pools and water parks are practical and affordable, ideal for making fun your first attraction. Their softness is the first safety requirement for adults and children who love to play with water. The descent is very fast, eased by a special water system that allows you to lubricate the course. Thanks to the finish cushion horizontally placed, it is possible to use the inflatable water slide even with a water level of just 1 meter in height!

The water slide is equipped with a hot galvanized painted platform, a stainless steel handrail, ABS base and steps, decorated panels, a customized inflatable slide and an aluminium blower.

Great attraction for summer camps, with a small investment the water slide can bring fun and good deals, giving new life to your structure.

Technical features

  • Size of the inflatable water slide: 8.00 x 2.00 m
  • Size of the platform for the inflatable water slide: 3.80 m (ladder incl.) x 1.50 m x 4.00
  • Total weight (inflatable water slide + platform): 700 kg
  • Blower: a 2 HP device on the platform and protected by a fibreglass case
  • Warranty: 24 months