Soap soccer is so fun that even those who lose will have fun!

Soap soccer manufacturers

Soap soccer at waterpark Acquavillage (Cecina, Italy)

It can involve so many people as it is an ideal attraction for funny tournaments as well as animation on beaches, resorts, campsites and village festivals.

The competition, the desire to play and the pleasure of make some show are the reasons pushing children and adults to try it. Just some water and soap to slip and lots of fun are the keys to attract teams of “athletes” and a host of friends and fans.

Soap soccer obtains great success everywhere as well as an immediate image return. The craziest soccer match in the world: it offers laughter, fun and everyone talks about it. A real advertising booster!

Soap soccer is available in sizes and colours at customer’s choice, bordered by an inflatable edge (of 80 cm diameter on each side) and equipped with two large goal posts. Inflation is performed by a 1.1 kW/h electric blower.

We supply as standard the very soft full-face protective helmets in two colours: even in case of scrimmages, players won’t break the head.

For the installation, a levelled floor, a not too heavy ball and a water supply are required to keep wet and rinse the field after each match. For safe use we recommend laying anti-trauma material on the ground, such as polyethylene sheets of a 2-cm min. thickness.

Technical features

Soap soccer field: 24.00 x 12.00 m; footprint area and goal posts included, 28.00 x 13.00 m.

  • Weight: 410 kg
  • Blower: 1.5HP
  • Warranty: 24 months

Soap soccer field: 20.00 x 10.00 m; footprint area and goal posts included, 24.00 x 11.00 m.

  • Weight: 370 kg
  • Blower: 1.5HP
  • Warranty: 24 months

On demand we can manufacture models of any size.