Inflatable playgrounds

We call them large multi-playing inflatable games because just one of them is equal to a full adventure park. This is possible thanks to the many types of games inserted: climbing walls with slides, subjects to be ridden or climbed, animated parts, moving parts, forests of big inflatable bowling pins, an air mountain and much more. They all can be supplied with theme, colours and size at the customer’s choice.

The amazing visual aspect and the huge number of children who can play at the same time (from 40 to 120 in some models) inspire interest and emotion: a guarantee of success and cash.

Technical features

Inflatable playgrounds for professional use, manufactured with fireproof PVC coated polyester fabric, class M2 marked.

Several innovative techniques:

– zips allowing the junction of several pieces and the replacement of every subject;
– edging with reinforcement tape on each corner;
– laying of a protective coat on the footfall surface;
– a very powerful blower of Italian production that delivers a great pressure and therefore grants stability and durability of the fabric as the pressure eliminates wrinkles.

These solutions guarantee the inflatable playground a useful life and an efficiency of 10-15 years.

In addition, we try to make our inflatable playground equipment more and more beautiful, because beauty likes, seduces, attracts people and, above all, can make you money!