Games into the water: guaranteed fun!

Year by year, private & public pools as well as water parks are increasingly asking for new water games to be offered to customers. The inflatable water slides and Acqua Run, the inflatable floating obstacle course of our production belong to this category and are more and more appreciated by everyone.

Our inflatable games for swimming pools are reliable, simple and funny, and guarantee great success and safe money wherever they are installed. They involve a large number of users at the same time. The multicoloured liveliness of our water games attracts children and adults, but the most important thing is the total security we can offer. In fact, all our products are manufactured professionally and in full compliance with the regulations in force. Unlike the classic rigid fibreglass water slides, our games are characterised by their softness. This allows children and adults to jump on their back, belly up and in every other way you can imagine without risks.

Our water games are made of PVC coated polyester, equipped with a protective coat and last for decades. Important! Carefully dry them before off-season storing.

Customers can choose colours, designs and shapes of these pool games. Designs are performed by a professional painter with a spray gun or, in case of a logo, digitally printed. The customer can indicate the theme or we can suggest it. Customisations can be performed directly on the structure of the inflatable water slides or on the obstacles of the inflatable floating course Acqua Run.

Games outside the water: guaranteed fun even there!

If, in addition to games into the water, customers are looking for games also outside of it, the most suitable and required for summer camps are:

  • The spectacular and big Air Mountain: an interactive and dynamic inflatable game
  • The “Jumping House” single trampoline with a capacity of 10 children at the same time
  • The Balls pit with a capacity of 25 children at the same time
  • If in addition to the game aspect you want a bit of show, the Goldfish or the Whale is the right choice. Besides large numbers, they will become the flagship for your swimming pool.