Acqua Run, fun and fair competition!

Produzione e vendita di percorso gonfiabile galleggiante ad ostacoli per piscine

Acqua Run – percorso gonfiabile ad ostacoli per piscina

Acqua Run – percorso gonfiabile ad ostacoli per piscine

Acqua Run is an exhilarating inflatable floating obstacle course suitable for everyone, children and adults. The course is made of large multicoloured inflatable bowling pins of various shapes and themes.

Acqua Run is a veritable obstacle course on the water! The player capable of overcoming the bowling pins and the terrible beanbags made slippery by the water without ever falling into the pool and in the shortest possible time, once reached the final slide, will enjoy the pleasure of the long-awaited dive and the applauses of the public.

Acqua Run is the ideal game to create animation and show in swimming pool and water parks. For this reason it is one of the favourite games during summer camps.

Acqua Run, a lot of innovation in complete safety!

The inflatable obstacles are made of PVC coated polyester and covered with multicoloured basketweave, a real anti-wear coat that protects the PVC structure from harmful external agents such as chlorine and sunrays. This coat increases the normal useful life of the PVC and reduces the friction produced by the seams.

A powerful professional blower, protected by a fibreglass case, keeps all the obstacles in the course swollen, with a double advantage: supporting the non-stop rush of many people and avoiding the creation of wrinkles that, over time, could turn into cracks or lacerations.

The installation is very simple: stretch the entire inflatable obstacle course on the edge of the pool, connect the hose of the blower, inflate and dip into the pool. The starting point must be firmly fixed with an elastic rope at the edge of the pool. And now let’s play, having fun in complete safety!

Technical features of the inflatable course for swimming pools and water parks

  • Size of the inflatable course made of 5 modules with obstacles: 15.00 x 2.00 m
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Blower: a 2 HP device
  • Warranty: 24 months

Carefully dry them before off-season storing so as to guarantee an average useful life of ten years.