Professional “Jumping” trampoline mats for sports and leisure use

Replacement mat made of double nylon cord with a 2 mm cross-section, hand-woven and without knots, an average duration of 8-10 years, complete with 108 balanced stainless steel hooks for quick attachment to any spring.

The mat manufactured in this way does not scratch and therefore does not cause abrasions to the skin whilst jumping. Since it is double-sided, it can be used on both sides. It is stabilised with a special catalyst and therefore does not stretch; it is not elastic (the springs provide the elasticity) and therefore allows high jumping performance, reliability and durability. With these technical solutions the “Jumping” replacement mat requires less effort to jump and therefore less chance of accidents due to fatigue. They are large and therefore can be used by everyone, children, adults and athletes, with no weight limit.

Our trampoline nets do not require Teflon tubes to attach the springs because they are attached directly to the stainless steel hook inserted every 11 cm on the perimeter and assembly is quick and simple. This results in a balanced and safe jump. These are the conditions which define a professional trampoline.

Spare parts for trampolines - trampoline jumping matsNOT THE COMMON PLASTIC EQUIPMENT!

Size (always on stock) of the spare mat

  • Trampoline mat for standard trampoline: 436 x 192 cm
  • Trampoline mat for sport performance trampoline: 426 x 213 cm

On demand we can manufacture jumping mats of different sizes with a maximum length of 436 cm and a maximum width of 213 cm. If your trampoline mat is not produced by our company, please check and communicate the size of the frame and of the springs.

What you need to know about a good jumping mat

Over the last few years many vendors have entered the trampoline market without knowing the actual technical dynamics that the mat needs to jump effortlessly and perform spectacular manoeuvres.

You can see trampolines equipped with plastic mats where jumping is really difficult, or even fishing nets transformed into a mat by a nylon perimeter tie-rod without any thermo-fixing treatment. These are easy versions of the elastic trampoline. Unfortunately, industrial fabrics have a percentage of elasticity that tends to absorb the thrust that the user gives to jump instead of transmitting it to the springs.

It is the springs and their length that are the real driving force of the trampoline!

If you want to jump and have control of the jump without sinking down and losing your balance, the mat must not be elastic. Children who usually jump immediately notice the difference between a real trampoline and the more rickety copies: they are always very happy to come back and jump!

Springs for trampoline

Spare springs in hardened steel with 3.2 mm section wire, 28 mm spiral diameter with soft German system hook (non-biconical), galvanized.

Available sizes of spare springs

  • Length 28 cm
  • Length 24 cm

Protective cushions for trampolines

Replacement cushions for trampolines, completely sealed with 680 g/m² PVC coated polyester lining, sponge and fastening straps.

Colours of choice.

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Trampoline net

Trampoline net made with yellow nylon (or colour of choice) for Sport Performance trampoline.


– 4 x 4 cm trampoline net

– 3 x 3 cm trampoline net

  • size: 520 x 280 cm
  • other size on request