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Inflatable playground Venice

The size of the inflatable Venice multi-play area means that it is packaged in three parts that are assembled during installation with double zips.
The main parts are:


    On this part there is a large 11.5 m high slide resembling St Mark’s bell tower located in Venice’s most famous square. There are two very steep and challenging ramps up to the slide: one with buffers and one with steps. A crab-shaped obstacle-tunnel is positioned in front of the slide.


    The second part of the inflatable includes a gentler slide in the shape of the Rialto Bridge, 7.70 m high, also with two ramps with ropes and steps. In addition to the slide, there are two obstacles to enjoy: the Arsenal’s Lion and the Dolphin.

    Inflatable Gondola

    Inflatable Gondola

    The third part features a moving Gondola with a gondolier and two tourists. Colourful, original and loved by children for its interaction.

    The gondola has two ascent/descent ramps and a cabin that, with the weight of the children entering it, “shoots” them out onto the ramp. Along with the gondola are three sets of pins of varying heights representing the ‘Bricole’, the wooden poles used to tie up the gondolas.

Like all our products, the inflatable multi-play area Venezia is completely decorated with customised designs using an airbrush technique by a specialised artist.

Each part has an entrance/exit, a blower and a 50 cm high front protection wall that allows those accompanying the children to monitor them from the outside. On the bottom of the entire inflatable is a cover to protect the seams from being rubbed, which allows the inflatable to last longer.

Technical features

  • Dimensions: 25.50 x 12.00 x H 11.50 m
  • Weight: 1800 kg
  • Blowers: three 2 HP
  • Guarantee: 24 months
  • Capacity: 100 children aged 4-12 years