Balena gonfiabile - Inflatable Whale

Inflatable Whale for playgrounds, beaches, campsites and swimming pools

With the Whale the inflatable game becomes animated. No mechanics: just a very powerful 2 HP blower that inflates the structure, which thus becomes very stable. A second blower, driven by an adjustable timer, sets the opening and closing times of the mouth. The children jump on the access cushion, climb inside the big open mouth of the Whale through a small ladder made of soft polyurethane, then are lifted while the mouth closes and “swallows” them. A tunnel-shaped slide collects them and carries them out of the tail.

The inflatable Whale is a pro-level game suitable for playgrounds, beaches, campsites and swimming pools: environments in which a large number of users only increase the great spectacle of this game, because the Whale is large, tall and very showy. In addition, the Whale is a character much loved by children: who has never read about Pinocchio who finds his father in the belly of the whale, or about Moby Dick, the famous white whale?
That’s why the only presence of the Whale itself has a great advertising appeal. The Whale is a guarantee of success!

Industrie Ricreative has been producing the Whale for 22 years and exporting it all over the world, including China! Among the inflatable games sold, the Whale is the most requested one. Its big size and the beauty of the designs make it an irresistible attraction.

The animated inflatable Whale is manufactured with fireproof PVC coated polyester fabric, class M2 marked and boasts several innovative solutions such as:

  • zips allowing the junction of several pieces and the replacement of several components;
  • edging with reinforcement tape on each corner;
  • laying of a protective coat on the footfall surface;
  • a very powerful blower of Italian production that deliver a great pressure.

These features guarantee the inflatable game a useful life in full efficiency of 10-15 years.

Technical features

  • Size: 13.70 x 4.60 x 6.60 m
  • Weight: 430 kg
  • Blowers: box with a support blower for the body; timer and blower for the motion of the mouth
  • Warranty: 24 months

Whale with obstacle-tunnel tortue-shaped:

Standard Whale: