vendita di attrazione per bambini Water attraction supply - Produzione e vendita di giostra Venture River - construction and supply of water attractions for amusement park and plauground - fabrication de manèges pour parcs d'attractions

Venture River: a practical and fast-to-install water attraction, where water creates a great fascination for children and sailing on the river becomes irresistible!

Venture River water attraction for children

Venture River water attraction for children with truncks and canoes – Forte dei Marmi (Italy)

The Venture River water attraction, also called Flume Ride, Adventure River, Indian River, Jungle River, Lagunare or Pirates River is an attraction of great interest and temptation for children. Its operation is very simple and involves the child turning him/her into the key player of an adventure on the river while the strong water flow generated by powerful pumps placed in the straight channels carries it along the way.

Venture River can be installed in both fairgrounds and fixed amusement parks. It is an original, reliable and guaranteed water attraction that we have been producing for over 25 years.

Since Venture River is modular, that is, composed of straight and curved channels, it is possible to create a customized course according to the available space or to a desired shape. Channels are made of fibreglass and equipped with a double bottom so as to avoid any depression over time. They are also provided with aluminium reinforcement in the heads and a special rubber latex seal.

This water attraction can be equipped with themed boats such as canoes, trunks, gondolas, Viking ships, etc. also made of fibreglass, decorated and equipped with side and bottom sliding wheels as well as a perimeter PVC protection. Each boat can carry up to 3 children. For their ascent and descent there must be an assistant that operates a hydraulic piston: the latter is placed near the station, works at low voltage (24 V) and stops the boat from below. Each station is equipped with an oars-holding trunk to which the control panel of the stop control push-button panel is applied. Each vehicle is equipped with 3 oars so as to allow the child to paddle while having much more fun.

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Standard model – dimensions 13.20 x 9.60 m

The recirculating pumps, very powerful and equipped with 3-inch ports, have a flow rate of 1,200 l/min, thus allowing an excellent sliding speed. The pumps are inserted in a special well inside the wall of a straight channel; therefore, they are not bulky or dangerous to the public. Normally, a pump is provided for every 10 channels.

The water attraction Venture River is also equipped with a sand filter treatment system for water filtration with a pump that also allows, when enabled, the total emptying of the circuit.

Each channel requires 0.8 m³ of water for an optimum height of 30 cm. For a good maintenance of the water, please use anti-fouling granular chlorine. Since the water has different properties from one place to another, we also recommend consulting a local swimming pool service technician.

It will therefore be necessary to equip the inside of the water attraction with an electric and a water supply as well as an exhaust line for the backwash of the filter.

Our designer will be able to satisfy every customisation request related to the themes to be applied on the external walls of each channel.

It is recommended a perfectly levelled positioning; where necessary, it can be obtained with special wooden plugs to be placed under the load-bearing bases of the channels.

Attention: the success of this water attraction has led to the entry of similar copies onto the market, but with technical and functional features not equal to our original item, which has been produced for more than 25 years. Besides costs, always compare technical features: the manufacturing details and the technical specifications are the key aspects making the differences in terms of quality and duration!

Single components of the Venture River water attraction:

  • Straight channel (2.30 x 1.65 m) complete with rubber gasket and fastening bolts, design.
  • Curved channel (90° angle, 2.00 x 2.00 m) complete with rubber gasket and fastening bolts, design.
  • 1.5 HP, 220 V electrical pump for water motion with PVC fittings and stainless steel protection grid applied inside the straight channel, suction chamber, delivery nozzle, closing cover (best solution: 1 pump every 10 channels).
  • Hydraulic stop device placed on the straight channel; pipes, tank and 1 HP, 220 V oil pump; 24 V controls.
  • 10 m³/h sand filter treatment system with drain valve, a 0.75 HP 220 V electrical pump applied on the final straight channel; a suction chamber with stainless steel grid, PVC fittings and quartz sand.
  • Wooden starting station, 4.70 x 1.00 m, with a fibreglass oars-holding trunk.
  • Hot-dip galvanized and painted steel column with sealed control panel and thermo-magnetic switches.
  • Canoe, trunk, gondola, Viking ship, etc. in fibreglass equipped with sliding wheels and anti-rubbing PVC perimeter bumpers: 2.25 m length.
  • Tee Pee tent (on demand for a Far West themed model) in PVC with silk-screen printing; curtain holding tubes and opening circular ring, all galvanized and painted, of 5.40 m height x Ø 5.00 m.

Venture River, standard model, is equipped with 12 straight channels and 8 curved channels, 3 trunks, 3 canoes, a 4.5 x 1 m station, 2 recirculation pumps, a 10 m³/h sand filter treatment system, an hydraulic stop device, a control panel, an oars-holding trunk and paddles. Size (in meters): 13.20 x 8.60 (station included: 9.60)


Far West River / Indian River

Jungle River

Pirates River


Other themes

Details of the speed of water thanks to the efficiency of our pumps and the hydraulic locking system, both inserted inside the channels instead of being placed externally (inefficient, invasive and public-obstructive system).