Tappeto elastico singolo per parco giochi - Single trampoline for baby park

High performance trampoline for sports and leisure

Great performance for sport and fitness users: an athlete can perform jumps up to 8 m high, double somersaults, pirouettes, etc., on the large high-performance “Jumping” mat with Olympic measurements of 426×213 cm and provided with 110 springs 28 cm in length.

Sport Performance trampoline is ideal for those who want to equip themselves with a garden trampoline. It is a gymnastic piece of equipment that lets your children play and the whole family do sporting activity in great safety.

The in-ground trampoline is the version of our Sport Performance trampoline model which does not require support feet, stairs or lateral protections as it is at ground level, but only a 90 cm deep hole with relative support wall on which the four support tubes are fixed with dowels.

The execution of excavation and masonry works are always borne by customer.

Trampolino interrato da giardino

Trampoline for private garden, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Trampolino per bambini - Camping De la Liez, France

Trampoline for playgrounds, baby parks, playrooms, etc.

The trampoline itself will be a positive surprise for the organisers of children’s summer camps, campsites, beaches, playgrounds, church youth clubs, holiday farms, etc., when they see the joy and enthusiasm of the children over just one trampoline. That is why we offer the “customised” version with the logo of your activity and decorations in the theme of your choice, maximum safety, approved to European Standards UNI EN 1176 and 1177: 2019, able to hold 10 children aged between 4 and 10 years at the same time!

This professional trampoline distinguishes your business and is a priority for customers with children.

It can be supplied in versions with several mats for public and rental activities on request.

Single trampoline for playgrounds, baby parks, campsites, etc.:

Examples of garden trampolines for private use and for acrobatic gyms: