Miniature golf manufacturers

Miniature golf is coming back! A game that involves everyone, children and adults!

Ideal for entertaining customers in mountain or seaside resorts, campsites and wherever there is a need to involve the whole family in a game that encourages competition and skill.

Originality and the visual impact of the structure make our newly designed Miniature golf courses stand out. Both animated and light obstacles are impressive, mainly during evening.

Key features of our Animated Miniature golf are low running costs, easy transport as it is a prefabricated structure and a minimum operating surface of 400-700 m2. It can be placed both inside a resort and in outdoor areas. A successful Miniature golf course is always equipped with furniture items such as flowers, benches, fountains, etc.

Our Animated Miniature golf comes in four versions (with 9, 12, 15 or 18 courses) installed in] prefabricated sections and joined on site through special connectors.

Miniature golf manufacturers

Example: 18-hole Miniature golf course

Miniature golf courses are made of hot-dip galvanized and painted steel.

The play surface is in multilayer phenolic panel covered with green synthetic GOLF-TEX fabric. Each course is made up of modules of max. 2.40 meters length; by joining them, it is possible to reach up to 10 meters. The width is 0.74 m.

Size of the final green is 1.34 x 1.96 m with one hole.

Standard supply: score cards holders with power sockets, starting plate, stainless steel connectors, 220-24 V transformer. Max. consumption: 1.5 KW/h.

Miniature golf obstacles are made of Okoume marine wood, decorated and equipped with lights, 24 V motors for motion and bearings.

Obstacles for Animated Miniature golf courses

Dimensions: Length X Width X Height
GRANDFATHER’S CLOCK cm 61 X 64 X 200 ROTATING DICE cm 80 X 64 X 80
RAILROAD CROSSING cm 41 X 64 X 140 LIGHTHOUSE cm 64 X 64 X 200
WEATHERCOCK cm 61 X 64 X 94 BOWLING cm 74 X 64 X 125
WISHING WELL cm 61 X 64 X 200 BARN cm 90 X 64 X 135
MERRY-GO-ROUND cm 81 X 64 X 140 WIND MILL cm 61 X 64 X 200
WATER MILL cm 160 X 64 X 90 LUCKY WHEEL cm 46 X 64 X 120
TRAFFIC LIGHTS cm 43 X 64 X 140 SLOT MACHINE cm 61 X 64 X 110
AIRPLANE cm 153 X 64 X 84 VIDEO GAMES cm 84 X 64 X 155
FIRE TRUCK cm 183 X 64 X 72 ARRIVAL FAIRWAY cm 183 X 64 X 78

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