Awesome inflatable playground with several types of games: it seems just to be at the beach!

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Large inflatable playground Sea

It includes our beloved animated Goldfish (or the Whale or Nemo), the dynamic and interactive Moving Boat driven by the weight of children, the great Wave with a highly sloped slide equipped with two ropes and grips climbing walls, the great dolphin, the amazing octopus and a very nice sea turtle with a tunnel.

The above-mentioned subjects making up the Sea inflatable playground can be arranged on demand according to the visibility and the spaces most suitable for the customer.

The inflatable playground Sea is for professional use, manufactured with fireproof PVC coated polyester fabric, class M2 marked and boasts several innovative solutions such as:

  • zips allowing the junction of several pieces and the replacement of every subject;
  • edging with reinforcement tape on each corner;
  • laying of a protective coat on the footfall surface;
  • a very powerful blower of Italian production that delivers a great pressure and therefore grants stability and durability of the fabric as the pressure eliminates wrinkles.

These solutions guarantee the inflatable playground a useful life and an efficiency of 10-15 years.

Technical features

  • Size: 7.50 x 32.50 x H 8.00 m
  • Weight: 1.530 kg
  • Blowers: three 2HP
  • Warranty: 24 months