Our Company

Industrie Ricreative deals with design, manufacturing and installation of play equipment for playgrounds, playrooms, fairgrounds, trampoline parks as well as for swimming pools and tourist facilities. In addition to manufacturing, thanks to our deep business experience gained over the past 35+ years, we can offer our consulting, ideas and useful tips related to play equipment’s type and positioning. Providing increasingly innovative solutions, fully compliant with the current safety regulations: these are the keystones of the production method implemented by Industrie Ricreative.

In these years, when installing a playground for children, equipment must cost less and less to the detriment of quality, durability, efficiency as well as the show, and purely economic choices and the race to the bottom price seem to prevail. On the contrary, Industrie Ricreative remains close to standards that have made it renowned everywhere in the play equipment market, especially in the manufacturing of pro-level trampolines, water (sea & lake) park attractions, minigolf courses and large inflatable games. This attitude results in wonderful, personalised, safe, long-lasting and, last but not least, very profitable play equipment!

Product range

Our products are among the most classic ones; therefore, on demand, they can be easily adapted in size and shape and customized with exclusive themed designs. Generally, designs are handcrafted, applied with a spray gun which makes the drawn subjects look “alive”. Alternatively, designs can be digitally printed: in this case, customers will be asked to provide the file to be printed in .jpeg, .pdf or .png format.

In addition to play equipment, we also supply spare parts for trampolines, including professional handmade jumping mats on special frames, hardened and galvanized springs, protective cushions, etc.

The main reason for the success of our playground equipment is their great interactivity. Players create the game, we only provide the means. The player wants more and more to improve a jump, to try a dive, to compete and socialise with other mates. That’s why the customer faithfully comes back to your facility, sometimes even for years, as coming back on trampolines.

Costruzione di attrezzature per parchi giochi, lunapark, campeggi